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cs 2

Linda did not like the appearance of her teeth and her smile. She had wanted to do something for years. After she decided to have a "smile make-over", we were able to complete her treatment in approximately 4 weeks with NO EXTRACTIONS OR BRACES! First we provided upper and lower take-home whitening trays. The rest was accomplished porcelain crowns. Linda now loves her smile, and wishes she would have done it years ago.

cs 3

Tom came into our office wanting a "smile makeover". We first addressed his periodontal issues, performing full mouth periodontal therapy. We removed badly decayed teeth that could not be restored, and replaced them with a fixed bridge. We then restored all other teeth with porcelain crowns. With this makeover, Tom's whole demeanor changed. He is smiling wider, holding his head higher, and walking with confidence!

cs 4

Alina presented us with a bite that was out of position, and her smile was esthetically poor. After upper & lower reconstruction, involving porcelain crowns, the results were amazing. Look at our patient's face... she is HAPPY!!

mario b and a

Mario decided he wanted a smile makeover. He had orthodontics done at Masri Orthodontics. After completion, he had our in-office ZOOM whitening done. He then had a cerec crown started and completed in just one visit.

Christine B and A

Christina was in desperate need of dental care. She was looking for employment, and did not feel confident in herself. She went to several dentists that wanted to extract her teeth and give her a denture. Thankfully she found our office and was given hope!

case study devin

Devin broke his 2 front teeth in a hockey accident. Dr. Tomei restored them in one appointment with 2 new beautiful ceramic crowns!

case study jack

Jacquelyn broke her teeth in a car accident. She had two implants done and then Dr. Tomei placed beautiful ceramic crowns. Now she has her gorgeous smile again!

cade study joey

Joey came in for a smile makeover. He had his teeth whitened and then new ceramic crowns placed. Looks awesome!

Case Study 10 Michael

Michael never liked his smile. That is why we do not have a before picture, and he can not find any before pictures that he actually showed his teeth. He wanted a smile makeover before his wedding. He had new ceramic crowns placed and now he looks like a million bucks!

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