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Marie Howe -

8/26/2011 Everyone is fantastic. I’m very comfortable here and all the women here are great. Betty is my regular hygienist and she is very knowledgeable and professional. I just love her. I started seeing Tomei Dental 10 yrs. ago. If it weren’t for him I believe I would have inherited many dental issues. He is a great dentist. I’m glad I switched to him. All in all I strongly recommend coming to this dental office.

Laurice Bray -

9/16/2011 Dr. Tomei and his fine staff changed the way I view dental care. I was terrified of the dentist, and after coming here for a few years, I now actually look forward to maintaining my dental health! Everyone in the office is kind, compassionate, and extremely helpful, and they regularly go out of their way to help with anything I need. I can’t recommend this office highly enough and would urge anyone searching for a dental office to come to Dr. Tomei’s practice. You won’t be disappointed----I promise!

Mrs. H Lemmons -

8/24/2011 Dr. Tomei's office is very professional and I felt right at home!

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